Drain-Fix™ (Small)

Drain-Fix™ is designed for the safe, cost-efficient and time-saving fixation of percutaneous drainage catheters.


Increased safety  Drain-Fix™ prevents the catheter from migrating and kinking.

Cost and time savings  Drain-Fix™ requires no further surgical fixation. The dressing needs to be changed less frequently, as Drain-Fix™ provides optimal protection of the catheter against accidental removal and manipulation.

High degree of patient comfort  The central adhesive section consists of a skin- and wound-friendly hydrocolloid layer. In addition, the very flat Drain-Fix™ dressing is comfortable to wear and does not cause the formation of pressure sores.

Easy and fast application  Drain-Fix™ is easy to apply in just three steps.


  • Duration of use: 7 days
  • Latex-free

Tech. Data

  • Duration of use: 7 days
  • Latex-free

Functions & Processes

1 Raised part with integrated groove for the safe positioning of the catheter 2 Tab to fix the catheter 3 Adhesive foil for additional fixation 4 Special ramp to prevent catheter from kinking 5 Carrier material made from skin-friendly fleece material 6 Absorbent, wound-friendly hydrocolloid layer 

Application Range

Suitable for nephrostomy, gall bladder, PEG, PTC, suprapubic catheters, wound drainage and other drainage applications


Unomedical a/s (A ConvaTec Company)

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Drain-Fix™ (Small)
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