Health-care compliance at pfm medical

As an independent manufacturer, we develop and produce a range of innovative technologies for the out-patient and in-patient sectors. In order to ensure that we keep up with the latest research developments at all times, we work closely with physicians and medical institutions.

Compliance at pfm medical rests on four pillars

Our promise: we are committed to acting in accordance with these principles and our agreements with regard to physicians, patients, health-care stakeholders and our own employees.

  • Separation - allowances and other support (e.g. donations, sponsoring, gifts) remain independent of procurement decisions in terms of both timing and causation.
  • Transparency - we present our allowances and payments in an openly accessible form. The company must be informed about all services provided to a medical establishment or health service agency. Written documentation must be kept and permission must be granted.
  • Documentation - details of all services are documented in writing. We record the type, purpose and service provided in every case.
  • Balance - the relationship between performance and return must be fair.

Our Health Care Compliance officer (Dietmar Fiedler) monitors adherence to the relevant regulations in all possible case situations and ensures that cooperation in the health market conforms to the rules.