Availability and benefits of pfm medical vascular access devices during COVID-19 pandemic


A recent publication from a group of GAVeCeLT (Gruppo Accessi Venosi Centrali a Lungo Termine) experts, led by Dr. Mauro Pittiruti, provides considerations for appropriate vascular access devices for COVID-19 patients, based on the unique clinical challenges they present.1,2

The publication discusses the suitability of multiple vascular access devices in the treatment of acutely ill COVID-19 patients, including central catheters such as PICC (peripherally inserted central catheters) CICC (centrally inserted central catheters) and FICC (femorally inserted central catheters).

The authors also recommend that “[…] for some COVID-19 patients, Midline catheters may be recommended - especially if power injectable and polyurethane.”1 This recommendation was based on specific advantages that Midlines offer, including:

  • Longer dwell times
  • High flow rates
  • Blood sampling

pfm medical has been providing state of the art vascular access devices for various applications for over thirty years, including Midlines. All devices are designed to deliver best possible patient outcomes regardless of diagnosis.

primeMIDLINE® Catheter by pfm medical

Midlines by pfm medical

The power injectable primeMIDLINE® Catheter is designed to provide reliable peripheral access to the venous system.

primeMIDLINE® Features:

  • Indicated for up to 29 days peripheral access
  • Polyurethane Catheter
  • Power Injectable up to 7 ml/sec
  • Available in wide variety of sizes and configurations, including 3F SL with 6 ml/sec power-injection rating
  • Indicated for blood sampling 

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