Happy anniversary – pfmmedical celebrates 50 years of success


Just before Christmas in 1971, a company called pfm Plastik für die Medizin GmbH came into being. Now called pfm medical ag, it has been growing ever since – while the company still has the same head office in Cologne, it now boasts production facilities and sales outlets at twelve locations in eight countries around the world. Operating on an international scale and yet still family owned, this medium-sized company employs around 660 people and supplies medical products and services to over 100 markets around the world. 

2022 marks the company’s 50th anniversary, and is set to be a year of special celebrations. Various projects, both for and by the employees, are planned throughout the year. “For us, this is an opportunity to take stock and give thanks where it is due. It has been a thrilling journey so far, and we are grateful for what we have achieved, and where we are at today,” explains Aurel Schoeller, Chairman of the Management Board.

A journey of 50 years: time to appreciate, time to be grateful

The people at pfmmedical live and breathe the company values: clarity, trust, loyalty, pride and respect. This can be seen not only in the ongoing challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic – pfmmedical also takes its corporate social responsibility seriously, as demonstrated in many of the company’s projects, both large and small. In this anniversary year, social responsibility is placed squarely under the spotlight. 

Amongst all the celebrations, pfmmedical remains true to its core values. Schoeller summarises: “First and foremost, we’re not just celebrating for ourselves – we want to celebrate everyone who has been with us on this 50-year journey. Through our social engagement, we hope to give something back to our employees, and to society. And every one of our employees has the opportunity to make a personal contribution. This way, we remain faithful to our mission: Improving quality of life.”

The journey continues for pfmmedical. Click here to follow the various events planned for this year. If you are interested, you can also follow us on LinkedIn.