Research - development - production

From the initial idea to the completed product

Full control over the whole development and manufacture process is a major factor influencing the quality of the end product and its performance in clinical practice. pfm medical controls the whole chain. Throughout the process we are totally committed to ensuring the safety of patients and users.

Research in a medical technology company

Today’s research provides the basis for tomorrow’s success. Our multidisciplinary R&D team of engineers, scientists and doctors works with research partners from pure and applied science and medicine on

  • new development
    of solutions for recognised clinical purposes
  • further development
    and optimisation of existing systems.

Our research work benefits from our long experience of the market and our close contact with users.

National and international studies at pfm medical

Existing technology

Development and production go hand in hand at pfm medical. This speeds up the industrial realisation of product ideas right through to verification and validation of all relevant processes. Our own tool and machine construction facilities enable us to produce special tools and particular equipment for making prototypes and small batch series for test purposes.

The crucial factors are the creative potential and technical capacity to produce intelligent and innovative systems. We specialise particularly in

In-house production

The pfm medical Group manufactures at its own factories in Germany, well known as an industrial centre, and also in Switzerland and the USA, two other countries known for their high standards of quality and technology. In-house production currently accounts for 43.5% of the company’s business.

Assured quality

Quality in medical technology means taking responsibility for human life. pfm medical produces according to a complete quality management system that includes every area of the company from research and development to sterilisation and packaging.

  • DIN EN ISO 13485 certification for the design and manufacture of medical products
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certification the highest international quality management standard
  • CE mark for all products as required by the German medical devices law.

Do you have suggestions for product improvements or new products?

If so, our research and development department would like to hear from you. We can look into the opportunities together.