pfm medical h+h – holistic outpatient care

pfm medical h+h is specialised in the provision of outpatient palliative aids, but outpatient care in the non-palliative area is also part of our range of services. Certified palliative care specialists and nurses advise, accompany and care for patients throughout Germany.

Our specialists work in close cooperation with all parties involved in the care process (patients, relatives, SAPV teams, nursing services, other home care partners, etc.), thus building network structures all around the patient. This ensures that we can provide seamless all-round medical care to the patients.

Our services include the support of patients and relatives when transitioning from the hospital to the home environment, training of all persons involved in the application of the aids for outpatient care, and the takeover of delegable tasks from the treating physicians. 


Medical care

  • Urinary drainage methods (for pleural effusions and ascites)
  • Infusion therapy (parenteral nutrition, hydration)
  • Urinary incontinence therapy (catheter change)
  • Prescription management 

We coordinate further care services for the patients as needed with our home care partners in the respective region. 

Transition from the hospital to the home environment

  • Organisation of the transition in consideration of the hospital-specific and personal environment, 
  • Training of nursing staff, relatives and patients on how to apply the pfm medical aids,
  • Organisation of holistic patient care with clearly defined processes to ensure smooth workflows between all persons involved and dedicated contact persons to ensure an optimal exchange of information.


Numerous training sessions for practice staff and physicians about subjects such as e.g.


  • port puncture and care
  • care techniques & hygiene 
  • applied infusion therapy and fluid management 
  • practical catheter use


pfm medical h+h gmbH & co. kg

Wankelstraße 60
50996 Köln, Germany

Managing directors:
Andreas Gottschalk
Dr. Gerd Göttlicher

T +49 2236 9641-530
F +49 2236 9641-9950

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Provision of medical aids

The specialists of pfm medical tpm gmbh are contact persons for physicians, patients and health insurers for the provision of medical aids and also offer training on how to use the products.