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In March 2015 pfm medical founded pfm medical tec gmbh, a new subsidiary with its own production site.

The group has been active as an experienced and innovative medical technology company for many years. The new subsidiary specialises in the field of histology and is headquartered in Dielheim near Heidelberg. Microtomes and laboratory devices, developed by opfm medical for histological applications are manufactured at the site. pfm medical thus covers the entire value chain, from the development and manufacture all the way to maintenance and training.

For more than 20 years, pfm medical has been designing and developing precision instruments such as microtomes and laboratory devices that are used in histological laboratories in clinical and research settings. Microtome blades of the Japanese manufacturer FEATHER® are used, for which pfm medical has been the exclusive distributor in Europe for more than 40 years.


Histology is a branch of medicine and biology and is concerned with the study of tissues. In the field of histology, histological technology is indispensable for the preparation of tissue blocks and the subsequent microscopic analysis. When it comes to investigating potential changes in the tissues, any surgically removed tissue should undergo histological examination in order to establish the histological findings. In addition to preparing the tissues, very thin tissue samples (2µm-5 µm thick) first have to be sectioned with the microtome and are then placed on glass slides for further processing.

A large number of laboratory devices such as cooling plates, water baths, but also cassette trimming systems and trimming instruments, support the preparation of sections before, during and after sectioning.

Main office

pfm medical tec gmbh
Talstr. 60
69234 Dielheim, Germany

Managing directors:
Erwin Schneider
Steffen Kraus

T +49 6222 77426-30
F +49 6222 77426-32

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