Long-term development partnerships in paediatric cardiology

Since 1993 pfm medical offers highly specialized occluders and implants for the minimally invasive treatment of congenital heart defects. These innovative solutions in the field of interventional cardiology are the result of user-oriented research based on long-term cooperations with specialists from university as well as from the practical field. 

The development history of pfm medical occluders

An example of our successfull development partnerships is the close cooperation with pfm S.R.L. Bolivia.

Application-oriented development according to international standards

With a highly accomplished team of physicians, engineers and technicians on both sides pfm medical and pfm S.R.L. develop and optimize  heart occlusion systems (occluders) for interventional use with babys and children in close cooperation since 2003.

The quality management for the implants produced by pfm S.R.L. (Nit-Occlud® PDA-R and Nit-Occlud® ASD-R) follows the strict criteria of pfm medical in Germany and is monitored from there. Thereby it is assured that the certified production (DIN ISO 13485) meets the highest international quality standards for the use in children's hearts all over the world - exclusively on behalf of pfm medical.

pfm S.R.L. Bolivia was founded in La Paz in 2003 by Dr. Franz Freudenthal. The corner stone for our close cooperation with the bolivian paediatric cardiologist was laid during his studies in Germany. After his studies Freundenthal worked as head of research for cardiovascular technologies at pfm medical. 

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