pfm medical – higher quality of life for patients and clients

pfm medical is an internationally active medium-sized family enterprise from Germany. We provide special health care solutions. For more than 40 years we have been successful in developing, producing and selling quality products and offering reliable services. 

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For prepectoral breastreconstruction

NEU - TiLOOP® Bra Pocket - ready-to-use titanized polypropylene mesh pocket for the prepectoral breast reconstruction.*

*Currently only available in certain markets. Please contact us.

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Precise, adaptable trimming technology

The sliding microtomes pfm Slide 4005 E and pfm Slide 4004 M are powerful microtomes for all applications in routine use, research and industry.



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Pleural effusion and ascites

Here you will find information about pleural effusion and ascites - how they develop, what the causes are and how they can be treated.

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With our subsidiaries we are present in more than 100 markets worldwide.

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Endo-Drain for better wound drainage

Endo-Drain is a fluted silicone drain for gravity application or for usage with low-vacuum-suction systems. Four channels evenly drain the liquids along the complete perforated part. At the same time they reduce painful tissue damage during removal.  

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