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Application field Infusion

Electronic infusion pump LimLess®

Application field Surgery

ASEPT® 3.000 ml - Drainage Kit L
ASEPT® 1.000 ml - Drainage Kit L
ASEPT® Drainage System - the implantation-set
ASEPT® Drainage Kit - Redon flask and catheter for application at home
ASEPT® Procedure Pack - consumables for drainage

Application field Histotechnologie

Electronical sliding microtome pfm Slide 4005 E
Manual sliding microtome pfm Slide 4004 M

Application field Cardiovascular technologies

Nit-Occlud® Lê VSD - implant for interventional application

Press-Roundtable 20.04.2017 – TiLOOP Total 6 Study

Dr. Christian Fünfgeld
Chief physician
Klinik Tettnang GmbH
Tina Cadenbach-Blome
Leading senior physician
Ev. Amalie Sieveking-Krankenhaus
Monika Rieck
Director Surgery
pfm medical ag
Chart: Quality of life 6, 12 and 36 months after implantation
TiLOOP® Total 6