New online training for medical product advisors


Qualification made easy

Medical product advisors have to demonstrate their qualification on a regular basis. From now on, this will be supported by the new online training from the medical technology manufacturer pfm medical and the e-learning specialist IMC. Within 60 minutes users can inform themselves about the medical product law, and then receive a certificate after completing the four modules. The web-based course is available at

Only when hospitals and rehabilitation and care facilities use medical products properly will they achieve the greatest possible benefits for the patient. In order for this to be successful, qualified medical product advisors inform and train all of those involved in the treatment process. The requirements which are to be fulfilled are precisely laid down in the Medical Product Law (Medizinproduktegesetz (MPG)). Each advisor has to regularly prove that they are aware of the content of the law. Gaining knowledge by personally attending courses requires the investment of a lot of time and organisation. In order to make the qualification process easier, pfm medical and IMC have developed an online course, which can be easily integrated into the working day. 

Online training combines learning with the working day 

The approximately 60-minute-long Medical Product Advisor online training for people working in external or internal sales departments teaches the current and relevant content from the following areas in four interactive modules of 15 minutes:

  1. Medical product advisor: Requirements and responsibilities
  2. Medical products
  3. Reporting system
  4. Breach of duty

The web-based training can be adjusted to suit the individual's working day: Not only the location and time of the training can be adjusted by the user to suit their own requirements, but also the order in which the modules are completed. Because the individual segments do not have to be completed in a specific order, but can be worked through in any order. After successfully completing all of the modules the course participants receive a certificate.

For 75 euros the online training is available at, and can be started at any time following purchase. A freely-available demo version is also available online. 

Content and technology – a cooperation based on years of expertise 

The many years of expertise in the two companies pfm medical and IMC hasbeen integrated into the web-based training: 

pfm medical has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality medical products for over 40 years. Comprehensive services provide a holistic solution range from one source. The pfm medical Institute offers regular certified training and additional training in the fields of medicine, care and health economics. 

IMC is a leading full service supplier for learning technologies and e-learning content. For 20 years IMC has been supporting companies and institutes in the planning, development and implementation of professional learning strategies. 


Short profile

pfm medical ranks among the leading German companies in the field of medical technology and services. The Cologne-based family company was founded in 1971, and has more than 500 employees at twelve locations around the world. In 2015, pfm medical realized an EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) of 4.1 million euros from 102.1 million euros in sales. 

The medical products supplier has registered more than 80 patents, utility models and trademarks. 

As a specialist supplier of 3,100 products, the company offers an extensive portfolio which is distributed in more than 100 markets. Its product range covers the four medical fields of application infusion (e.g. infusion pumps and implantable port catheters), histotechnology (e.g. blades and laboratory appliances), cardiovascular technologies (e.g. occlusion implants and special catheters) and surgery (e.g. drainage systems and mesh implants).

pfm medical integrates products and services into a comprehensive solution package. For instance, the company provides training and advice to users such as medical practitioners, nursing staff, patients and their families to ensure optimal therapy outcomes in both inpatient and outpatient healthcare. In the development of innovative solutions in close cooperation with leading medical practitioners and specialist partners, pfm medical invariably focuses on improvements in the quality of work and the quality of life of both users and patients.

About IMC

IMC counts as one of the leading full service suppliers for learning technologies and e-learning content. For 20 years we have been supporting companies and institutes in the planning, development, and implementation of professional learning strategies. Our multiple award-winning product and service portfolio includes not only the learning and talent management system IMC Learning Suite, but also the electronic performance support system (EPSS) IMC Process Guide, a GPS for complex processes, as well as the author software IMC Content Studio. For the creation of digital content IMC offers the free cloud service IMC Teach. In addition, both tailored and standardised learning content on topics such as compliance learning are part of the IMC portfolio.

Worldwide more than 1,000 customers with over 5 million users in companies, public institutions and educational facilities in many different trades and sizes place their trust in IMC.


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