Outpatient Drainage of Pleural Effusions and Ascites


Approximately every 3rd cancer patient suffers from pleural effusions or ascites. The symptoms: dyspnoea, pain and exhaustion. These patients receive palliative treatment as the primary disease is often incurable. The aims: alleviation of the symptoms and remaining in the customary home environment.

These aims can be achieved with the ASEPT® drainage system from pfm medical. A tunnelled permanent drainage catheter is implanted in the pleural cavity or in the peritoneal cavity in the case of ascites. This intervention can be performed on both inpatients and outpatients and the patient can return to the customary home environment. This is where the ascites are drained every 1-2 days by means of drainage bottles which are easy to use. The special thing about this is that the patient or his relatives will be able to carry out the drainages after being instructed by examined nurses from pfm.

The benefits of the therapeutic principle

  • direct alleviation of the symptoms during the drainage
  • self closing valve with secure screwed connection
  • low infection rate
  • in the case of a pleural effusion: 59% of the patients become a spontaneous pleurodesis after 1 month

The ASEPT® system comprises catheters with all of the implantation accessories which are required for the pleural cavity or peritoneal cavity respectively, in addition to bottles for outpatient drainage with volumes of 600 and 1,200ml. pfm medical invoices the drainage bottles direct and the catheters can be directly obtained from the implanting physicians.

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