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Mongoose® Pediatric Angiography Catheter

PediaVascular’s angiography catheters, introducers and guide wires designed specifically for pediatricuse. With softer tips that are optimally sized for the pediatric anatomy, Mongoose® catheters also feature ahydrophilic coating and wire braiding. All Mongoose® Catheters feature a hydrophilic coating and multiple wire braiding for superior.

Super Sheath® Pediatric Introducer

PediaVascular’s 3.3 F Super Sheath® introducer offers the smoothest available taper to minimize vesseltrauma.

Spring Guide Wire

The PTFE-coated .030" guidewire with a 2 cm floppy tip or 5 mm J-tip completes the Mongoose® system of PediaVascular.

QL® Inflation Manometer

The QL® Inflation Device is perfect for a wide array of applications such as balloon catheterization, stent deployment and fluid delivery. Its stable design and ergonomic handle make it easy to control. The quick latch mechanism allows for one-handed deflation, even at max pressure. The transparent syringe provides medical staff with a clear view of the contents and volume allowing the user to fully purge all air from the system.

Angiography Catheter – Occlu-Marker

The radiopaque angiography catheter is used for the accurate aortographic measurement of PDA. Three gold markers are positioned at precise intervals of 10 mm and 20 mm.

Angiography Catheter – MULTI-TRACK™

The MULTI-TRACK™ angiography catheter employs a special guide wire concept to increase manoeuvrability and the flow rate. It consists of radiopaque material, is easy to position and can be used in conjunction with other interventional catheters.

Arterial Puncture Needles

Single- or double-wall arterial puncture needles (Seldinger needle). The puncture needles have an ergonomically designed shaft, a honed tip and measure 70 mm in length.