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pfm medical has made a name for itself with numerous technological innovations in interventional cardiac and vascular surgery. Our core competences are in the development and distribution of occluder, snares, catheters and stents.

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Mongoose® Pediatric Angiography Catheter

PediaVascular’s angiography catheters, introducers and guide wires designed specifically for pediatricuse. With softer tips that are optimally sized for the pediatric anatomy, Mongoose® catheters also feature ahydrophilic coating and wire braiding. All Mongoose® Catheters feature a hydrophilic coating and multiple wire braiding for superior.

Super Sheath® Pediatric Introducer

PediaVascular’s 3.3 F Super Sheath® introducer offers the smoothest available taper to minimize vesseltrauma.

Spring Guide Wire

The PTFE-coated .030" guidewire with a 2 cm floppy tip or 5 mm J-tip completes the Mongoose® system of PediaVascular.

Mounted CP Stent™ - Cardiological Stent

The Mounted Bare and Mounted Covered CP Stent™ consists of a bare/covered CP Stent™ premounted on a BIB® Balloon Catheter. This already premounted system will save time and reduces the risk of dislodgement. Designed to be expanded by means of a balloon, the CP Stent™ was specifically developed for treating cases of aortic stenosis (in paediatric cardiology usually coarctation of the aorta). It has a very high radial strength. The CP Stent™ was designed by Dr John Cheatham. The Special Balloon-in-Balloon catheter (BIB®) implantation process is used to insert stents in a two-stage implantation process. This enables stents to be opened or expanded evenly and positioned correctly.

QL® Inflation Manometer

The QL® Inflation Device is perfect for a wide array of applications such as balloon catheterization, stent deployment and fluid delivery. Its stable design and ergonomic handle make it easy to control. The quick latch mechanism allows for one-handed deflation, even at max pressure. The transparent syringe provides medical staff with a clear view of the contents and volume allowing the user to fully purge all air from the system.

Cardio Hook Grasping Forceps

The Cardio Hook Grasping Forceps are a retrieval instrument designed for interventional cardiology, particularly for the retrieval of foreign material such as misplaced or dislocated occluders. In general, they may also be used for the transluminal extraction of catheters, catheter fragments, and other foreign objects.

NuDEL™ - Cardiovascular Stent

The NuDEL™ is an all-in-one stent delivery system which is designed for the efficient and effective treatment of coarctation of the Aorta. It includes the proven technologies of the the Covered CP Stent™, mounted on a Balloon-In-Balloon catheter (BIB®), which is then covered by a sheath. Pre-loaded system saves time and allows for quick actions in emergency situations. CP Stent™, balloon, sheath: all-in-one system. CP Stent™ with correct corresponding balloon and sheath – ready to use.

Dilatation Catheter Mullins-X™

The Mullins-X™ dilatation catheter is the specialist when it comes to indications calling for extremly high pressure. It is ideal for stents placement and for stent redilatatation procedures.

Nit-Occlud® ASD-R

Nit-Occlud® ASD-R is knitted from a single nitinol wire without soldering. It consists of two discs, a distal or left one and a proximal or right one. The unique single-layer distal disc reduces the metal used in the left-atrium (LA) by around 50%, thus providing best patients benefit by reducing the thrombo-embolic risk.

Stent Implantation System – BIB® (Balloon-in-Balloon) Catheter

The Special Balloon-in-Balloon catheter (BIB®) is used to insert CP Stents™ in a two-stage implantation process. This enables aortic stents to be opened or expanded evenly and positioned correctly.