CP Stent™ – Cardiological Stent

Designed to be expanded by means of a balloon, the CP Stent™ was specifically developed for treating cases of aortic stenosis (in paediatric cardiology usually coarctation of the aorta). It has a very high radial strength. The CP Stent™ was designed by Dr John Cheatham.


High quality  The CP Stent™ is made of a 0.013'' thick platinum/iridium wire mesh arranged in a zig-zag pattern. Every point of intersection is laser welded and coated with 24-carat gold.

High expansion range  It has an expansion range of 12–24 mm.

Good  The CP Stent™ is available in a bare version or covered with an elastic sheath of ePTFE.

Adjustable fit  Thanks to its considerable capacity for expansion, the stent just needs to be re-dilated to accommodate the child’s natural growth. Therefore no extra stent needs to be implanted.


  • Stent lengths: 16, 22, 28, 34, 39 and 45 mm
  • Expansion range 12–24 mm
  • Eight diamonds per section (zig-zag pattern)
  • 0.013'' guide wire
  • Recommendation: the CP Stent™ should be inserted with the aid of a special BIB balloon catheter.


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Ordering Information

CP Stent™ – Cardiological Stent
REFVersionPlatinum wireStent lengthPU
CP8Z1680x0.013"16 mm1
CP8Z16-COV80x0.013"16 mm1
CP8Z2280x0.013"22 mm1
CP8Z22-COV80x0.013"22 mm1
CP8Z2880x0.013"28 mm1
CP8Z28-COV80x0.013"28 mm1
CP8Z3480x0.013"34 mm1
CP8Z34-COV80x0.013"34 mm1
CP8Z3980x0.013"39 mm1
CP8Z39-COV80x0.013"39 mm1
CP8Z4580x0.013"45 mm1
CP8Z45-COV80x0.013"45 mm1