Mounted CP Stent™ - Cardiological Stent

The Mounted Bare and Mounted Covered CP Stent™ consists of a bare/covered CP Stent™ premounted on a BIB® Balloon Catheter. This already premounted system will save time and reduces the risk of dislodgement.

Designed to be expanded by means of a balloon, the CP Stent™ was specifically developed for treating cases of aortic stenosis (in paediatric cardiology usually coarctation of the aorta). It has a very high radial strength. The CP Stent™ was designed by Dr John Cheatham. 

The Special Balloon-in-Balloon catheter (BIB®) implantation process is used to insert stents in a two-stage implantation process. This enables stents to be opened or expanded evenly and positioned correctly.


Adjustable fit. Thanks to its considerable capacity for expansion, the stent just needs to be re-dilatated to accommodate the child’s natural growth. Therefore no extra stent needs to be implanted.

The CP Stent™ is made of a 0.013'' thick platinum/iridium wire mesh arranged in a zig-zag pattern. Every point of intersection is laser welded and enforced with 24-carat gold to avoid breakage.

It has an high expansion range of 8–24 mm. 

The CP Stent™ is available in a bare version or covered with an elastic sheath of ePTFE. 

Premounting saves time and reduces risk of dislodgement.

Customized sizes can be ordered upon request.  If you don’t find the appropriate size for your procedure. Additional regulatory approvals may be needed for customized sizes.


  • Stent lengths: 16, 22, 28, 34, 39 and 45 mm
  • Expansion range 12–24 mm
  • Eight diamonds per section (zig-zag pattern)
  • 0.013'' guide wire
  • CP Stent™ is premounted on a BIB® Balloon Catheter
  • The inner balloon is ½ of the outer balloon diameter an 1 cm shorter


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Ordering Information

Mounted CP Stent™ - Cardiological Stent
REFVersionPlatinum wireStent lengthPU
CMCP00180x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP00480x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP00780x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP00880x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP00980x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP01180x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP01480x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP01580x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP01980x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP02180x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP02680x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP02780x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP02880x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP03080x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP03180x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP03280x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP03380x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP03480x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP03780x0.013"22 mm1
CMCP03880x0.013"22 mm1
MCP00180x0.013"22 mm1
MCP00480x0.013"22 mm1