FEATHER® Ophthalmic Blades

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Crescent Blade

Thanks to its sharp blade with straight sides and a rounded tip, the FEATHER® crescent blade is ideal for perfect scleral tunnel flaps.

Enlargement Blade

The FEATHER® enlargement scalpel with its trapezoidal tip is used to enlarge an incision for implanting an intraocular lens.

Hockey Blade

The FEATHER® hockey blade with its hockey stick design is suitable for various applications in ophthalmic surgery and microsurgery.

Incision Blade

Its straight blade and micrometer-accurate precision grinding make the FEATHER® standard incision blade ideal for scleral and corneal incisions.

Paracentesis Blade

The FEATHER® paracentesis blade is suitable to make 1.0 mm incisions for sideports for the introduction of instruments in a wide range of applications.

Phaco Blade

FEATHER® phaco blades are designed for corneoscleral and clear corneal incision (CCI) in cataract surgery.

Round Blade

The FEATHER® circular blade permits perfect microsurgical incisions thanks to its round, sharp cutting edges extending bilaterally from the centre of the circle.