Enlargement Blade

The FEATHER® enlargement scalpel with its trapezoidal tip is used to enlarge an incision for implanting an intraocular lens.


Safe usage  The trapezoidal blade tip of the enlargement scalpel ensures its safe application.

Unsurpassed quality and performance  Thanks to its optimised micrometer-accurate precision grinding, the enlargement scalpel offers outstanding quality and performance. A double-honing process ensures ultra-sharp cutting edges of superb durability.

Ease of use  The screw-on blade and the handle set ensure ease of use and flexibility during surgical procedures.


  • MICRO FEATHER® blade of high-quality stainless steel for optimum quality
  • Ultra-sharp blade thanks to micro-grinding technology
  • Carefully selected material and optimised grinding technology for sharp cutting edges of superb durability
  • Standardised production techniques for consistent incision size and minimised risk of tissue damage during the incision.

Tech. Data

  • Blade angle: 30°
  • Blade design: bevel-up


The MICRO FEATHER® ophthalmic blades are made from high-quality stainless steel using ultra-precise grinding technology. The optimised grinding technology together with the carefully selected material permit the production of blades with consistent, ultra-sharp cutting edges. The standardised production process ensures a consistent incision size throughout thus minimising the risk of tissue injury during incision. This makes ophthalmic blades made by FEATHER, a blade manufacturer of global renown, ideal precision instruments with a guarantee of absolute safety for both users and patients.


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Ordering Information

Enlargement Blade
REFFigurationBlade formPU
200400767K-7657 BRBevel up, 5.7 mm, angled5