Incision Blade

Its straight blade and micrometer-accurate precision grinding make the FEATHER® standard incision blade ideal for scleral and corneal incisions.


Unique blade design for optimum incisions and wound healing.

Unsurpassed quality and performance  Thanks to its optimised micrometer-accurate precision grinding, the standard incision scalpel offers outstanding quality and performance. A double-honing process ensures ultra-sharp cutting edges of superb durability.

Ease of use  The screw-on blade and the handle set ensure ease of use and flexibility during surgical procedures.


  • MICRO FEATHER® blade of high-quality stainless steel for optimum quality
  • Ultra-sharp blade thanks to micro-grinding technology
  • Carefully selected material and optimised grinding technology for sharp cutting edges of superb durability
  • Standardised production techniques for consistent incision size and minimised risk of tissue damage during the incision

Tech. Data

  • Blade angle: 0° to 45°


The MICRO FEATHER® ophthalmic blades are made from high-quality stainless steel using ultra-precise grinding technology. The optimised grinding technology together with the carefully selected material permit the production of blades with consistent, ultra-sharp cutting edges. The standardised production process ensures a consistent incision size throughout thus minimising the risk of tissue injury during incision. This makes ophthalmic blades made by FEATHER, a blade manufacturer of global renown, ideal precision instruments with a guarantee of absolute safety for both users and patients.


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Incision Blade
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