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Silo Bag

Silo bags are preformed silicone bags that are used for children with gastroschisis (abdominal wall defect). Silo bags allow a postnatal retraction of emerged stomach and intestinal parts without surgery.

Rectal Catheter

The rectal catheter is used to introduce fluid into the intestines (enema) or to discharge intestinal gases.

Duodenal Tube

The duodenal tube is used to collect duodenal juice for diagnostic purposes, to administer drugs or for enteral feeding.

Gastric Tube

The gastric tube is used to collect gastric juices, enteral feeding, gastric emptying, lavages and gastric decompression.

UnoMetric® Graduated Feeding Tube

Thanks to gradations (interval: 10 mm), the feeding tube can be positioned safely and accurately for enteral feeding.


The colon bag is a collection system for single-use irrigation systems and is used in double-contrast radiography of the colon. A Y-connector allows the attachment of a balloon.