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Safe for LimLess®

Designed for use with the LimLess® infusion pump, the lockbox (safe) provides a secure storage facility for the 150 ml reservoir of an LL set and prevents unauthorised access to the medication contained therein.


The trolley is suitable for transporting the backpack (REF 52008) for the BodyGuard and LimLess® infusion pumps.


Our disposable infusion pumps have a specially designed balloon-like reservoir that is filled with the drug or fluid intended for infusion. This balloon exerts mechanical pressure there by administering the liquid based medication through a flow restrictor creating the pre-determined flow rate. The entire unit is sterile and is intended for single use only. The device is designed to deliver the nominal volume within ± 10 % of the nominal infusion time.

Carry Bag

The carry bag permits the ambulatory use of the TUORen disposable infusion pump.

Power Supply for LimLess®

The power supply operates at 240 V and is used for the battery of the LimLess® infusion pumps.

Charger for LimLess®

The charger is used to charge the rechargeable batteries in the LimLess® infusion pump.

Bolus Dose Administrator

Bolus dose administrator for LimLess® infusion pump.

Safety Transport Case for LimLess®

The lightweight case ensures safe transport and storage of the LimLess® infusion pump and charger.

LL 2012 Set

The LL 2012 Set is used as a connecting tube for pressure infusions according to DIN EN ISO 8536 in conjunction with the LimLess® infusion pump.


The mobile LimLess® infusion pump is universally used for infusion therapy inhospital and at home. The construction of the device provides sophisticationthrough security systems and easy handling.