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Blade Plier

The FEATHER® Blade Plier is designed to remove sharp surgical blades safely from its handle. It improves safety and hygiene by eliminating direct contact with blades and facilitates replacements.

Disposable Blade Remover

The FEATHER® Blade Remover permits the safe and simple removal of used disposable blades from any kind and size of scalpel handle.

Safeshield™ Vessel Scalpel

The FEATHER® Safeshield™ Vessel Scalpel is a non-sterile disposable scalpel with blade protection and short handle.

ASEPT® Safety-Biopsy-System

The semi-automatic ASEPT® Safety-Biopsy-System is intended to be used for soft tissue and tumor biopsy.

Stainless Steel Blade

FEATHER® stainless steel blades made from the highest quality hardened stainless steel are suitable for all surgical applications.

Carbon Steel Blade

FEATHER® carbon steel blades with an anti-rust coating are suitable for all surgical applications.


FEATHER® handles are suitable for carbon steel and stainless steel blades.

Safety Scalpel

The safety scalpel is a Safeshield™ disposable scalpel for ultimate safety during surgical procedures.

Standard Scalpel

The disposable standard scalpel with high-quality stainless steel blade is suitable for all surgical applications.

Scalpel, Long

The scalpel with a plastic handle twice the length (23 cm) of a standard model makes it more convenient to use in deep operations.