OR Standard Connection Tube

The OP-Standard connection tube fits the OP-Standard suction handles.


Universal connection tube  The OP-Standard connection tube fits all surgical suction handles.

Customisable selection  The variability in length, CH and shores allows for customised use.


  • Available in different CH sizes, lengths, shores and fittings

Tech. Data

  • Double packed, sterile
  • 100% latex-free


Surgical suction device

Functions & Processes


Unomedical a/s (A ConvaTec Company)

Ordering Information

OR Standard Connection Tube
REFCHTube lengthShoreTypePU
16031182243500 mmA 64With 1 funnel50
16042182244000 mmA 64With 2 funnels40
16049182242100 mmA 74With 2 funnels50
16050182243000 mmA 74With 2 funnels50
16056182304000 mmA 74With 2 funnels40
16059182242100 mmA 74With 1 funnel50
16064182303000 mmA 74With 1 funnel50
16066182305000 mmA 74With 1 funnel32