OP-Flex® Super Flow

The OP-Flex® Super Flow is an extra-large suction device for large quantities of blood.


Efficient suction  The extra-wide internal diameter of the OP-Flex® Super Flow ensures fast and efficient suction of large quantities of blood.

Extremely high suction rate  The extremely high suction rate ensures a clear view of the operating field.

Continuous flow  Two atraumatic lateral eyes maintain a safe and constant flow.

Ergonomic handle  The ergonomic handle ensures a safe and comfortable grip in any position.


  • Optionally available with vacuum control or as a set
  • Suction rate at 400 mmHG: 7.2 l/min

Tech. Data

  • Double packed, sterile
  • 100% latex-free
  • Tube size: CH 35 
  • Shore hardness: A 74

Functions & Processes

Application Range

Surgical suction device


Unomedical a/s (A ConvaTec Company)

Ordering Information

OP-Flex® Super Flow
REFODIDSuction lengthTube lengthTypePU
3303018210.5 mm7.5 mm180 mm -Handpiece50
3405818210.5 mm7.5 mm180 mm2100 mmSet20
3405918210.5 mm7.5 mm180 mm3500 mmSet20
3406018210.5 mm7.5 mm180 mm2100 mmSet, vacuum control20
3406218210.5 mm7.5 mm180 mm3500 mmSet, vacuum control20