STERISEAL® Ophthalmic Cannulas

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Irrigating Cystotome

The STERISEAL® irrigating cystotome is a capsulotomy cystotome for extra- and intracapsular surgical techniques.

Lacrimal Cannula

The STERISEAL® lacrimal cannula is used for probing and irrigating the lachrymal passages.

Peribulbar Needle

The STERISEAL® peribulbar needle is used for the peribulbar injection of an anaesthetic agent around the bulbus.

Retrobulbar Needle

The STERISEAL® retrobulbar needle is perfect for the retrobulbar injection of an anaesthetic agent into the muscle cone.

Capsule Polisher

The STERISEAL® capsule polisher cannula is used for the precise preparation of the posterior lens capsule for lens implantation.

Sub-Tenon Cannula

The STERISEAL® Sub-Tenon cannula is used to apply an anaesthetic agent to the posterior sub-Tenon’s space.

Refractive Cannula

The STERISEAL® refractive cannula is used for the irrigation of the corneal flap following laser surgery.

Hydrodissection Cannula

The flattened tip of the STERISEAL® hydrodissection cannula permits easy insertion into the anterior lens capsule for the dissection of the lenticular nucleus from the cortex and the capsule.

Anterior Chamber Cannula

The STERISEAL® anterior chamber cannula is designed for the precise maintenance of optimum chamber depth.

Viscoelastic Cannula

The STERISEAL® viscoelastic cannula makes it easier to place viscoelastic material into the anterior chamber of the eye.