Suprapubic Urine Catheter

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INWAY® Suprapubic Exchange Set

The set includes all of the components that are required for the replacement of a suprapubic catheter: a suprapubic catheter which is made of 100% silicone (40 cm), a guide wire (0.038") and a catheter plug – all of the proven pfm medical quality.

INWAY® Suprapubic Catheter Soft

The suprapubic silicone catheter meets the wishes of the majority of patients. It is suitable for indwelling use.

INWAY® Suprapubic Catheter

A suprapubic indwelling catheter which is made of 100 % silicone and which can be inserted very easily – our standard suprapubic catheter. The large inner lumen only has a low risk of incrustation and it can also be optimally inspected due to the transparent silicone.