Urine- and Secretion-Bags

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INWAY® Day & Night

The INWAY® Day & Night which has a capacity of 1,000 ml, has been specially developed for use by mobile catheter users: during the daytime, it is used as a leg bag and at night it is used as a bed bag. It hereby convinces with is simplicity of use and the high degree of safety.

pfm Leg Bag Trousers

The pfm Leg Bag Trousers provide leg bag wearers the highest dregree of comfort.

pfm Velcro Strap

The high quality, padded pfm Velcro Strap has been especially developed for the CareLine™ leg bag. It is especially comfortable to wear and at the same time convinces with its long durability.

CareLine™ Leg-Bag Holding Band

The Careline® leg-bag holdnig band serves to keep the Careline® leg-bag securely in place.

Urine Bag Hanger

The urine bag hanger is used for the flexible hanging of urine bags.

Paediatric Collection Bag with Fixation

The paediatric collection bag is fitted with an adhesive for fixation.

Leg Bag with One-Way Valve and Push-Pull Bottom Outlet Valve

The non-sterile leg bag with short drainage tube is worn on the thigh.

CareLine™ Leg Bag with One-Way Valve and Bottom Outlet Valve

The sterile CareLine™ leg bag combines an optimal wearing comfort with hygiene and safety.

A4 Urine Drainage System

The A4 urine drainage system is used for instrumental urine drainage.

A6 Safety™

The A6 Safety™ closed urine drainage system with a capacity of 2,000 ml can be used as a bed bag. It is conform with the Robert Koch Institute hygiene guidelines, is easy to use and provides both the patients and the nursing staff with the highest degree of safety.