Ventilation and Anaesthesia

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Surfactant Set

Various diseases during pregnancy may interfere with the generation of surfactant in the fetal period from which a postnatal respiratory distress syndrome can result. pfm medical ag offers a surfactant set for the prevention of respiratory distress syndrome for Neonatology and Pediatrics.

Oxygen Mask

The clinically clean oxygen masks are used to administer oxygen.

Aerosol Mask

The aerosol masks in clinically clean packs are used for the nebulisation of drugs.

Venturi Mask

The clinically clean Venturi oxygen masks are designed to deliver a defined oxygen concentration.

Nebuliser Opti-Mist Plus

The Opti-Mist Plus is a clinically clean drug nebuliser.

Oxygen Connection Tube

The oxygen connection tube is used for the administration of oxygen.

Nasal Cannula, Sterile

The sterile nasal cannulas are used for the administration of oxygen.

Oxygen Catheter, Sterile

The sterile oxygen catheters are used to administer oxygen.

Nasal Cannula, Sof-Touch

The clinically clean Sof-Touch nasal cannulas are used to administer oxygen.

SoftVent® Pro, oral, HVLP-Cuff, Murphy

The SoftVent® Pro (oral, HVL cuff, Murphy) is a preformed oral intubation tube with a high-volume, low-pressure cuff for effective sealing.