pfm medical Spikes

pfm medical Spikes are systems for the aspiration of fluids from multi-dose containers. They are used to withdraw and inject medication for injections or infusions.


  • Low puncture force
  • Hydrophobic bacteria filter of 0,1 µm for a bacteria-free ventilation
  • High retaining strenght in the container due to non-siliconized cannulae
  • Excellent performance during aspiratrion proceduren
  • Ergonomic design and easy handling


  • Protection against contamination by a large, tight-sealing protection cap
  • Various types of membranes and housing
  • Latex-, PVC- and DEHP-free
  • Insulin-proof
  • Small residual volume
  • Typ Chemo: Clear MABS**, protection against elution of color particles by aggressive cytostatics

Tech. Data

  • *Acrylnitril/Butadien/Styrol (ABS)
  • **Clear Methylmethacrylat/Acrylnitril/Butadien/Styrol (MABS)
  • Particle filter size: 5 µm at Spike Filter and Spike Chemo
  • Cannula: Plastic


pfm medical mepro GmbH

Am Söterberg 4

66620 Nonnweiler-Otzenhausen, Germany

Ordering Information

pfm medical Spikes
REFVersionColour codeMaterialPZNPU
P08060008Spike FGreenABS* -300
P08060009Spike F FilterBlueABS* -300
P08060010Spike F ChemoRedMABS** -150