Wound Drainage Intra- and Postoperative

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Soft-Drain Flat System

The Soft-Drain Flat System consists of a flat silicone drain and a collection bag.

Redon-Drains with Pre-Attached Needle

The cross-perforated Redon drains are suitable for use with high-vacuum wound drainage systems for post-operative wound drainage.

U-Drains with Pre-Attached Needle

The special cross-perforated U-Drain improve drainage performance by 1.5 to 2.5 times compared with conventional Redon drains. [1]

Soft-Drain System

The Soft-Drain System consists of a round silicone drain and a collection bag with outlet.

Koelner Drainage

The Koelner Drainage is a reservoir for post-operative wound drainage without suction. It allows the drainage of wound areas in which Redon drains are used without negative pressure.

OR Standard Connection Tube

The OP-Standard connection tube fits the OP-Standard suction handles.

OP-Flex® Pinpoint

The OP-Flex® Pinpoint is a single-angle Yankauer suction device with tapered tip for pinpoint-accurate application.

OP-Flex® Filter Flow

The OP-Flex® Filter Flow™ is a special suction device for orthopaedic procedures.

OP-Flex® Pool

The OP-Flex® Pool is a suction device with a rounded tip and a variable pool attachment.

OP-Flex® Yankauer medium

The OP-Flex® Yankauer medium is an angled Yankauer suction device for increased suction.