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Mongoose® Pediatric Angiography Catheter

PediaVascular’s angiography catheters, introducers and guide wires designed specifically for pediatricuse. With softer tips that are optimally sized for the pediatric anatomy, Mongoose® catheters also feature ahydrophilic coating and wire braiding. All Mongoose® Catheters feature a hydrophilic coating and multiple wire braiding for superior.

Super Sheath® Pediatric Introducer

PediaVascular’s 3.3 F Super Sheath® introducer offers the smoothest available taper to minimize vesseltrauma.

Spring Guide Wire

The PTFE-coated .030" guidewire with a 2 cm floppy tip or 5 mm J-tip completes the Mongoose® system of PediaVascular.

Safe for LimLess®

Designed for use with the LimLess® infusion pump, the lockbox (safe) provides a secure storage facility for the 150 ml reservoir of an LL set and prevents unauthorised access to the medication contained therein.


The trolley is suitable for transporting the backpack (REF 52008) for the BodyGuard and LimLess® infusion pumps.

TiLOOP® Bra Pocket

The titanised mesh TiLOOP® Bra Pocket is a ready-to-use mesh pocket. With the TiLOOP® Bra Pocket a breast implant can be fixed after skin-sparing or nipple-sparing mastectomy or for augmentation. Please note, that this product is currently only available in certain markets. Please contact us to find out details about your country. > To the contact form

Microtome Blade - SH35W

The disposable microtome blade SH35W (FEATHER ® Microtome Blade HP TC) is suitable for sectioning resin embedded tissue and hard materials.

Scalpel Baldes Fig. 370, 390, 390C

The instrument system of micro surgical blades and handles from FEATHER®has been developed specifically for periodontal and regenerative surgery. FEATHER® Scalpel Blades Fig. 370, 390, 390c are specifically suitable for surgical applications in dental surgery.

Field Magnifier Set with Illumination

A range of accessories is available to adapt pfm medical ag microtomes to individual customer requirements.


Our disposable infusion pumps have a specially designed balloon-like reservoir that is filled with the drug or fluid intended for infusion. This balloon exerts mechanical pressure there by administering the liquid based medication through a flow restrictor creating the pre-determined flow rate. The entire unit is sterile and is intended for single use only. The device is designed to deliver the nominal volume within ± 10 % of the nominal infusion time.