Management of patient-centred care - advice, care, support

We act as care givers and helpful partners for:

  • doctors in hospitals and surgeries;
  • discharge managers in hospitals to manage the transfer of patients and support the development of ambulatory care structures;
  • care services, social services and ambulatory hospice services in providing general and specific ambulatory palliative care;
  • pharmacists at the interface between the industry and patient care.

We deploy highly qualified specialist staff, such as palliative care nurses and pain nurses, to act as advisers, carers and companions for patients. Our staff members undergo regular training. They are backed by over 10 years’ experience in individual patient care and employ long established care structures.

We see each patient as a whole and maintain high quality standards when completing our tasks. We are confirmed networkers and coordinate and agree all our actions with everyone involved. It goes without saying that this includes consideration of the patient’s right to choose.

Our main emphases

We play an active role within the supply chain and act as a provider of medical aids for certain areas of treatment:

  • Treatments involving infusion such as pain therapy, chemotherapy, antibiotic treatments and immunotherapy
  • Drainage of ascites and pleural effusions
  • Preventing dehydration: fluid management adapted to the patient using subcutaneous hydration
  • Nutrition therapy and advice on parenteral nutrition with mobile single-channel or multi-channel infusion pumps and with nutrient solutions independent of the manufacturer
  • Urinary drainage involving catheter supply and changing of suprapubic and transurethral catheters in accordance with top hygiene standards and within urological care networks

Our services

We take on nursing tasks delegated by doctors such as:

  • Port puncture and port care according to established hygiene standards
  • BIA measurement
  • Nutritional screening

We also offer further support and advantages over and above these services:

  • Needs-based flexible provision of medical aids and parenteral nutrition
  • 24/7 emergency service for infusion devices
  • Medical nutrition advice with recommendation and preparation of parenteral infusion plans and/or oral nutrition
  • Treatment recommendations for appropriate pain therapy or calculation of fluid requirement for subcutaneous hydration
  • Treatment support from prevention to management of adverse effects in order to maintain treatability
  • Individual instruction in the use of medical devices and training on topics such as fluid management, port puncture and port care, drainage techniques, hygiene and avoiding needlestick injuries in accordance with Technical Rule TRBA 250
  • Prescription management in cooperation with the doctor to avoid gaps in care or excess provision (if desired by the patient)
  • Complete documentation and information with regular standardised feedback to the doctor

We take the personal and medical situation into account in each case, always aiming for a solution that makes economic sense and gives the best possible quality of life. We also take over all dealings with cost units. You will receive support from pfm medical's own experts if you have questions about the billing of in- and out-patient services.


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