A mass arising within the body or foreign to it, lodging in a blood vessel and obstructing it (embolism).
In endoscopy, a flexible plastic tube or slim metal tube with a camera (endoscope) is inserted through a natural or artificially created body orifice allowing views inside the body…
Endotracheal tube
Endotracheal tubes are plastic tubes inserted through the mouth (orotracheal) or nose (nasotracheal) into the airway (trachea) of a patient for ventilation…
Enteral nutrition
In medicine, enteral nutrition refers to the clinical administration of nutrients via the gastrointestinal tract, either as physiological nutrition by mouth or via a feeding tube.
Ethylene oxide
Ethylene oxide is a gas used as disinfectant for food, organic insulation (wool, plant fibres), textile fibres, and medical devices.