A cut made in a tissue, e.g., with a scalpel, during surgical procedures. Microincisions are particularly small incisions performed with dedicated instruments.
The medical term for the formation of a crust, scale or scab covering a wound.
Intoxication refers to the stimulation, excitement or stupefaction of the organism produced by noxious chemical, physical or biological substances (toxins).
intracellular exsiccosis
The resulting condition of bodily dehydration due to insufficient intake of fluids is known as exsiccosis.
Intravenous (from the Latin "intra" (inner, inside) and "vena" (vein)) refers, e.g., to the administration of a medication via a vein.
Irrigation (from the Latin "irrigare" - to water) refers, e.g., to washing the intestines with an enema. This technique was originally used in stoma care, but has seen increasing use in fecal incontinence.