Ports and their care - skill counts

Fitting patients with ports is now a standard procedure in modern cancer treatment. A port provides long-term access to the venous blood system allowing infusions, transfusions and parenteral nutrition to be given and blood samples to be taken. Ports are often used in the case of cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. For patients undergoing long courses of treatment a port is usually much more pleasant and gentler than the multiple injuries to the vein that result from repeated puncturing with needles.

Implantable ports from pfm medical are used with an EZ Huber™ safety cannula. Together they form a complete system giving patients and users a high level of safety. This system includes a wide range of high quality port solutions for a broad spectrum of indications and patients.

Once a port has been implanted the right after-care is important to ensure trouble-free operation. You can avoid complications that may occur by informing yourself here about some of the points to bear in mind.