Innovation: combining the advantages of meshes and surgical sutures


pfm medical ag is expanding its product portfolio to include DURAMESH™ Suturable Mesh. This innovative suturable mesh combines the advantages of mesh reconstruction with the accurate placement of surgical sutures for the first time. DURAMESH™ can replace surgical sutures when high forces need to be transferred.

While meshes have the advantage of distributing forces over a large area and transferring the associated high forces, sutures have the advantage of accurate placement. The use of sutures is problematic if large forces need to be transferred: sutures can cut into the tissue and compromise the surgical outcome. DURAMESH™ Suturable Mesh solves this problem: it is a mesh tube that can be used in the same way as sutures and distributes forces at the mesh-tissue interface.

“Using DURAMESH™ is beneficial for both doctors and patients”, enthuses Monika Rieck, Vice President Surgery. “With DURAMESH™ from the manufacturer Mesh Suture Inc., we now have the optimal addition to our titanised mesh implants at our disposal,” adds Rieck. 

Many advantages in support of using DURAMESH™

Olivia Schoeller, Product Manager, summarises the advantages by saying: “DURAMESH™ is the right choice for more stable, earlier reconstructions”1,2. In addition to the advantage of force transfer with better tissue conservation, the mesh structure also provides a very good basis for the healing process.

Thus, DURAMESH™ can lead to a stable result1,2 more quickly: after two weeks, reconstructions with DURAMESH™ were twice as stable as reconstructions with standard suture material.2 The reason: the polyfilament, macroporous mesh body of DURAMESH™ forms a mesh tube and this structure enables fibrovascular ingrowth during wound healing.1 A feature that distinguishes DURAMESH™ from conventional surgical sutures.

Versatile and easy to use

DURAMESH™ can be used in all cases when high forces need to be transferred: laparotomy closures, tendon repair or abdominal wall repairs are examples of the various applications of the DURAMMESH™ Suturable Mesh. It is used in the same way as normal surgical sutures and does not require any specific device training. DURAMESH™ provides an easy-to-use, versatile and innovative solution.

For more information on DURAMESH™ (manufacturer: Mesh Suture Inc.), please visit our product catalogue.

1 Dumanian, Suturable Mesh Demonstrates Improved Outcomes over Standard Suture in a Porcine Laparotomy Closure Model. Plast Reconstr Surg Glob Open, 2021, 9(10): e3879
2 Janes et al., An In Vivo Comparison: Novel Mesh Suture Versus Traditional Suture-Based Repair in a Rabbit Tendon Model. J Hand Surg Glob Online, 2022, 4(1): 32-39


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