pfmmedical mourns the death of its founder


Jürgen Wolter, founder of pfm medical ag, an international, second generation family-run medical technology company based in Cologne, passed away on 22 May 2023 at the age of 85.

Jürgen Wolter leaves behind him a fulfilled life. After roughly 10 years of professional experience in an American corporation, he took the plunge into self-employment and founded what was then known as pfm Plastik für die Medizin GmbH alongside Peter Dahlhausen shortly before Christmas 1971. After a few years, Jürgen Wolter took over all shares and developed the firm into a recognised international medical technology company, which he successfully passed on to the next generation after around three decades. He advised the supervisory board with his great expertise until the end, and always took part in the developments of the company.

On the occasion of the company’s 50th anniversary, Jürgen Wolter gave a speech as part of the celebration at their Cologne site in the summer of 2022. For him, the focus was always on the employees, which he always emphasised and lived by. He enjoyed great respect, both among business partners and within the company itself. "With Jürgen Wolter, we are losing our patron, who shaped the company and its employees over many decades. We will honour his memory and never forget him," said Aurel Schoeller, Chairman of the Board of pfm medical ag and Jürgen Wolter's son-in-law, encapsulating the sombre mood. Also not to be forgotten is his love of art, which he shared by a large part of his personal collection to be seen on every wall at the Cologne site.


Short profile pfmmedical

pfmmedical is one of the leading German providers of special solutions in the healthcare sector. The Cologne-based family-owned company was founded in 1971, and has 660 employees at twelve international locations. The medical product provider holds 370 granted property rights in over 90 patent families worldwide and distributes a broad portfolio in more than 100 markets.

Its products span the following four medical focus fields: Surgery (e.g. drainage systems and titanised mesh implants), infusion (e.g. mobile electronic infusion pumps and implantable port catheters), histotechnology (e.g. blades and laboratory equipment) and cardiovascular technology (e.g. implantable occlusion devices for the interventional treatment of congenital heart disease and special catheters).

pfmmedical combines products and services to a comprehensive package of solutions. For instance, the company provides training and advice to users such as medical practitioners, nursing staff, patients and their families to support optimal therapy outcomes in both inpatient and outpatient healthcare. When developing innovative solutions in close cooperation with leading medical practitioners and specialist partners, pfmmedical invariably focuses on improving the quality of life of both users and patients.

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