Angiography Catheter – MULTI-TRACK™

The MULTI-TRACK™ angiography catheter employs a special guide wire concept to increase manoeuvrability and the flow rate. It consists of radiopaque material, is easy to position and can be used in conjunction with other interventional catheters.


Special guide wire concept  The MULTI-TRACK™ makes it possible to simultaneously measure the pressure gradient or insert other interventional instruments during the angiography without removing the guide wire.


  • High-quality angiography with simultaneous pressure measurement during diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterisation
  • Guide wire remains in place while the contrast medium is administered or the pressure is measured
  • Catheter only needs to be replaced occasionally
  • Lower risk of complications with short, simultaneous procedures


MULTI-TRACK™ catheters have a wide range of uses. They simplify numerous procedures:   

  • Angiographies without removing or repositioning the guide wire                                                  
  • Simultaneous measurement of pressure gradient                                                              
  • Several catheters can be inserted on a single guide wire                                                        
  • Precise, controlled retraction or advancement of the catheter.



Ordering Information

Angiography Catheter – MULTI-TRACK™
REFFlow rateGuide wireUsable lengthShaft sizeIntroducer sizeVPE
MMTA031004.0 ml/s0.025"100 cm3 F5 F1
MMTA03805.5 ml/s0.025"80 cm3 F5 F1
MMTA0410011.0 ml/s0.035"100 cm4 F6 F1
MMTA048013.0 ml/s0.035"80 cm4 F6 F1
MMTA0510020.0 ml/s0.035"100 cm5 F7 F1
MMTA058022.0 ml/s0.035"80 cm5 F7 F1
MMTA0610025.0 ml/s0.035"100 cm6 F8 F1
MMTA25802.7 ml/s0.021"80 cm2.5 F4 F1