Angiography Catheter – Occlu-Marker

The radiopaque angiography catheter is used for the accurate aortographic measurement of PDA. Three gold markers are positioned at precise intervals of 10 mm and 20 mm.


Gold markers  Fitted with three clearly visible distal gold rings, spaced 10 mm and 20 mm apart, for exact measurement of the PDA.


Good manoeuvrability in the blood vessel


  • Material: PA
  • Radiopaque


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Angiography Catheter – Occlu-Marker
REFGuide wireSizeLengthVPE
1474110.032"4 F75 cm5
1474310.035"5 F90 cm5
1474710.032"4 F110 cm5
1474810.035"5 F110 cm5