Spring Guide Wire

The PTFE-coated .030" guidewire with a 2 cm floppy tip or 5 mm J-tip completes the Mongoose® system of PediaVascular.


Optimal compatibility with 3.3 F Mongoose® catheters

Stainless steel for exceptional flexibility andshapeability

PTFE coating for ease of insertion

Tech. Data

  • 2 cm floppy tip or 5 mm J-tip
  • 140 cm length


Togo Medikit Co., Ltd.
17148-6, Aze-Kamekawa
Oaza Hichiya Hyuga City
Miyazaki Prefecture 883-0062, Japan

(exclusively produced for PediaVascular)

Ordering Information

Spring Guide Wire
SW30-140.030"140 cm2 cm Floppy Tip5
SW30-140J.030"140 cm5 mm J Tip5