Universal Cassette Clamp Large Slim, Orientable

A range of accessories is available to adapt pfm medical ag microtomes to individual customer requirements.


Application  The universal cassette clamp large slim, orientable is suitable for the pfm rotary microtomes pfm Rotary 3004 M/3005 E/3006 EM and the pfm sliding microtomes pfm Slide 4004 M/4005 E.


  • Quick-release clamp system for super-mega slim embedding cassettes
  • Crossways and lengthways clamping possible
  • Orientable version with adapter


The universal cassette clamp large slim, orientable has been developed by pfm medical ag and is produced in Germany.


Fitting/removing the universal cassette clamp large, orientable

To change the universal cassette clamp loosen the eccentric lever and remove it from the guide bore. Both adjusting screws have to be turned to the red mark. After that, the entire universal cassette clamp together with the adapter can be removed upwards. For fitting the universal cassette clamp, reverse the above procedure. Take care with the correct positioning of the guide bore in the adapter to allow the reinsertion of the eccentric lever.


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50996 Köln, Germany

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Universal Cassette Clamp Large Slim, Orientable