pfm Micro Introducer Kit

The pfm Micro Introducer Kit is an accessory for the insertion of PICC lines. The high quality components ensure optimal and safe handling.


Peelable sheath introducer  The perfect fitting of the dilator and the peelable sheath provides a smooth transition during the insertion of the sheath through the skin into the vessel.

Echogenic needle  The echogenic needle allows a good visualization of the needle-bevel via ultrasound to ensure proper puncture of the vessel.

Nitinol guidewire  The 40 cm long Nitinol guidewire is anti-kinking and ensures a simple and smooth introduction of the device.

Tech. Data

Set components:

  • Nitinol guidewire 40 cm
  • Peelable sheath introducer
  • Echogenic introducer needle 21 G / 7 cm


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Ordering Information

pfm Micro Introducer Kit
REFIntroducer sheathVPE
P0907000113.0 F (1.0 mm)20
P0907000124.0 F (1.3 mm)20
P0907000135.0 F (1.7 mm)20
P0907000146.0 F (2.0 mm)20
P0907000157.0 F (2.3 mm)20