Nebuliser Opti-Mist Plus

The Opti-Mist Plus is a clinically clean drug nebuliser.


Designed for both tracheobronchial and alveolar depositions

Suitable for most clinical needs

Universal connector for direct attachment to flowmeters

Minimal drug wastage thanks to high nebuliser performance with low residual volume

Optionally available as a closed system to avoid contamination of the environment (e.g. pentamidine)


  • Can be used with mouthpiece or mask as required
  • Used for patient positions between 0º and 90º

Tech. Data

  • With a gas flow of 6 l/min, Opti-Mist Plus works as a nebuliser for tracheobronchial deposition with 71% of particles smaller than 4 µm and an average MMAD* of 3.3 µm.
  • At higher flow rates, the average MMAD* falls to 1.3 µm (at 10 l/min), with 79% of particles smaller than 2 µm – ideal for alveolar deposition.


*Mass median aerodynamic diameter in all positions (0–90°)

Application Range

Nebulisation of drugs


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

Nebuliser Opti-Mist Plus
REFConnection typeVersionDescriptionTube lengthSet componentTypeVPE
3771-MMUniversalStandardWith T-/ Mouth Piece210 cm15 cm reservoir tube -50
3772-MMUniversalStandardWith aerosol mask210 cm Adult50
3773-MMUniversalStandardwith aerosol mask210 cm Children50
4303-MM -StandardW. T-/ Mouth Piece 15cm reserv210 cmOne-Way Valves, Filter w. Hydr -20
770-MM - -Nebuliser, without tube -  -50