ASEPT® 1,000 ml Drainage Kit L

The ASEPT® Drainage Kits L allow the out-patient drainage of pleural effusions and ascites. They are available in the sizes 600 ml and 1,000 ml have a low-vacuum which allows a gentle and nearly painless drainage. Apart from that the system can be switched to a gravity application with just one grip.

The ASEPT® Drainage Kits L in sizes 600 ml and 1,000 ml are equipped with a disk check valve. This prevents air from the open bottle system from reaching, the patient´s pleural cavity unintentionally via the catheter.

All ASEPT® Drainage Kits L include all of the consumables which are required to ensure a hygienic drainage.


Gentle drainage  According to indication and individual preferences the therapy can be conducted either by low-vacuum or gravity application.

Easy to handle and safe  The bottles have been pre-evacuated and are under low negative pressure. The effusion fluid is simply suctioned off by connecting the bottle to the ASEPT® catheter. Due to the negative pressure no additional devices are required for the drainage and the risk for occlusion of the catheter is reduced.

Complete  The ASEPT® Drainage Kits L include sterile consumables for cleaning the valve and to cover the ASEPT® catheter.


Sterile consumables: Foam cathether pad, 3 alcohol swabs, Self-adhesive surgical dressing Gauze compresses, 2 pairs of gloves Emergency clamp (not shown)


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ASEPT® 1,000 ml Drainage Kit L
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