ASEPT® Pleural Drainage System

 ASEPT™ Drainage Katheter Set Pleura Aszites ASEPT® Pleural Drainage System

(1) ASEPT® drainage catheter, (2) Guide wire insertion needle (18 G), (3) 10ml syringe, (4) Guide wire with J-end, (5) Split cannula (16 F), (6) Tunneler, (7) 5-in-1 drainage tube adapter, (8) ASEPT® drainage tube, (9) Foam catheter pad, (10) Gauze compress

The ASEPT® Pleural Drainage System includes all of the components which are required for a tunnelled insertion of the ASEPT® permanent drainage catheter using the Seldinger technique.


Safety valve  The ASEPT® valve closes automatically, is easy to clean and connects the catheter with the drainage bottle in an especially hygienic way. No end caps or fixations are required. The valve even works without play and safely after numerous connections have been made.

Improved quality of life  The direct symptoms, e.g. dyspnoea, already improve during the drainage. A spontaneous pleurodesis occurs within one month in 59% of the cases.1 Drainage using the ASEPT® system is almost painless, when compared with other forms of treatment, e.g. chemical pleurodesis.

Minimally invasive  The catheter is inserted in the pleural or peritoneal cavity by means of the Seldinger technique – this minimises the risk of internal organs being injured. The intervention which is carried out under a local anaesthetic can take place whether as an inpatient or as an outpatient.

Minimised dislocation risk  A polyester cuff is positioned in the tunnel subcutaneously, adheres and thereby minimises the dislocation risk.

1 Warren et al., European Journal of Cardio-thoracic Surgery 33 (2008) 89-94



  • ASEPT® drainage catheter, proximal fenestrations (15,5 F)
  • Guide wire insertion needle (18 G)
  • 10ml syringe
  • Guide wire with J-end
  • Split cannula (16 F)
  • Tunneler
  • Drainage tube adapter
  • ASEPT® drainage tube
  • Foam catheter pad
  • Gauze compress

Tech. Data


  • Length: 66cm
  • Material: silicone
  • X-Ray contrast strip

Application Range

The ASEPT® Pleural Drainage System serves the long-term regular drainage of symptomatic recurring pleural effusions, including malignant pleural effusions and other pleural effusions which do not respond to treatment. For the drainage of malignant ascites please choose the ASEPT® Peritoneal Drainage System.


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ASEPT® Pleural Drainage System