ProFlo®, Curved

The ProFlo®, a curved suction catheter with Vacutip, has a gently rounded aerodynamic tip with integrated ring that permits atraumatic suctioning.


Atraumatic suctioning  The integrated ring at the distal end with four lateral eyes above it creates airflow around the catheter tip during suctioning. This air cushion minimises contact with the mucous membranes.

Easy identification  KolourKon™ colour coding makes it easy to identify tube connectors and catheters.

Greater control thanks to Vacutip  The Vacutip connector permits fast and effective vacuum elimination. The aspiration of residual volumes is reduced and the risk of hypoxia minimised.

Control of insertion depth  Graduation in 1 cm intervals allows the direct control of the insertion depth.

Low-friction surface for quick and easy insertion

Tech. Data

  • Length: 630 mm
  • Shore hardness: A 78


KolourKon™ colour coding
Tube size Recommended catheter gauge* Colour code Tube connector Suction catheter**
ID (mm) OD (CH) OD (mm)      
3.0 -  3.5  4 1.33 red    
4.0 -  4.5  6 2.00 green    
5.0 -  6.0  8 2.66 blue    
6.5 -  7.0 10 3.33 black    
7.5 -  8.0 12 4.00 white    
8.5 -  9.0 14 4.66 green    
9.5 - 11.0 16 5.33 orange    

*To exhaust more secretion the catheter could be minimal bigger as the half ID of the tube. **EN1733


Application Range

Endotracheal and endobronchial suction


ConvaTec (Unomedical)

Ordering Information

ProFlo®, Curved
REFCHLengthPZNShoreFunnel colourVPE
25310061012010530 mm -A 78Black100
25310071012012530 mm -A 78White100
25310081012014570 mm -A 78Green100
25310091012016570 mm -A 78Orange100