Stäubli KV 100 EH

The automatically closing KV 100 EH Catheter Valve is comfortable used with one hand and thereby provides for a discrete everyday use. It is not possible to connect a urine bag.


Safe and hygienic  The urine catheter and the catheter valve form a closed
system which poses a much lower risk for infection when compared with catheter plugs.

Bladder training  The patient can continue with his customary micturition rhythm. This counteracts the loss of the bladder capacity by natural ways and means.

Restful sleep  By connecting a urine bag to the Stäubli KV 200 EH catheter valve or CareVent®, patients no longer need to get out of bed to go to the lavatory and can sleep through the night.


  • Precise opening and closing mechanism
  • Individually packed in sterile packaging
  • Easy to disinfect

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Stäubli KV 100 EH
KV 100 EHOne-hand operation -1