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INWAY® Day & Night

The INWAY® Day & Night which has a capacity of 1,000 ml, has been specially developed for use by mobile catheter users: during the daytime, it is used as a leg bag and at night it is used as a bed bag. It hereby convinces with is simplicity of use and the high degree of safety.


Useable day and night  During the daytime, the INWAY® Day & Night can be used as a leg bag with a Velcro strap. During the night-time, it can be fixed to the bed and used as a bed bag. A urine bag can be connected at the safety drain without the need for an adapter.

User-friendly  The INWAY® Day & Night urine bag has a safety drain. This
effectively prevents urine from dripping and it is especially easy to use due to its large lever. The soft design of the INWAY® Day & Night without any sharp edges makes daily use simpler.

Hygienic  The use during the daytime and the night-time avoids any disconnections having to be made at the catheter. The INWAY® Day & Night also has a drip chamber, a one-way valve, a microfilter both in the drip chamber and the urine bag and a sport for taking samples without the need for a needle.

Individual  The drainage tube of the INWAY® Day & Night can be shortened
as required. Separate catheter connectors are supplied with the 90 cm and the 60 cm versions for this purpose.


  • Safety drain in the ventilated pocket (dockhouse)
  • Step connector with integrated taking of samples without the need for a needle
  • Flocking on the back with resistant, perspirationabsorbing viscose
  • Integrated cord for fixing it to the bed
  • Individually sterile packed


Closed urine drainage systems have a drip chamber between the inlet tube and the urine bag. This means that the urine catheter and the inlet tube form a system which is separate from the urine bag, thereby effectively preventing ascending infections.

Additional features of the closed urine drainage systems from pfm medical which meet the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute are the following:

  • Sample taking spot without the need for a needle
  • One-way valve
  • Pressure compensation valves with microfilter in the drip chamber and the urine bag
  • Hygienic bottom outlet

The use of closed urine drainage systems can effectively reduce the risk of ascending infections.


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Ordering Information

INWAY® Day & Night
REFPZNTube lengthVolumeVPE
P02020001 -30 cm, cannot be shortened1,000 ml20
P02020002 -60 cm, can be shortened1,000 ml20
P02020003 -90 cm, can be shortened1,000 ml20