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Irrigation Bag, Closed Urinary Drainage System

The irrigation bag, a closed urinary drainage system, is used for post-operative transurethral bladder irrigation.


Low-risk venting  The protected hydrophobic bacterial filter permits the low-risk venting of the system.

Fewer infections  The irrigation bag with a non return valve reduces the risk of ascending infections.

Quick to empty  Cross-valve outlet permits fast emptying and single-hand operation.


  • Stepped connector including sampling point for urine monitoring
  • Bed hanger with integrated handle for secure bedside attachment


Unomedical a/s (A ConvaTec Company)

Ordering Information

Irrigation Bag, Closed Urinary Drainage System
REFPZNTube lengthTypeVolumeVPE
48 010 1S-20065906490 cmStandard4000 ml20