CP Stent® – Cardiological Stent

The CP Stent® is composed of 0.013“ Platinum/Iridium wire that is arranged in a “zig” pattern, laser welded at each joint and over brazed with 24K Gold. It allows expansion from 12 mm to 30 mm. The Covered CP Stent™ is comprised of the Bare CP Stent that is covered with an expandable sleeve of ePTFE.


High quality  The CP Stent™ is made of a 0.013'' thick platinum/iridium wire mesh arranged in a zig-zag pattern. Every point of intersection is laser welded and coated with 24-carat gold.

High expansion range  It has an expansion range of 12 – 30 mm.

Bare & Covered  The CP Stent® is available in a bare version or covered with an expandable sheath of ePTFE..

Adjustable fit  Thanks to its considerable capacity for expansion, the stent just needs to be re-dilated to accommodate the child’s natural growth. Therefore no extra stent needs to be implanted.

Tech. Data

  • Wire: 0.013'' Platinium/Iridium
  • Connection/Welding: 24K Gold
  • Stent length (mm): 8zig: 16 - 60 | 10zig: 39 - 60


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Ordering Information

CP Stent® – Cardiological Stent
REFVersionPlatinum wireStent lengthVPE
CP10Z3910zig0.013"39 mm1
CP10Z4510zig0.013"45 mm1
CP10Z5010zig0.013"50 mm1
CP10Z5510zig0.013"55 mm1
CP10Z6010zig0.013"60 mm1
CP8Z168zig0.013"16 mm1
CP8Z228zig0.013"22 mm1
CP8Z288zig0.013"28 mm1
CP8Z348zig0.013"34 mm1
CP8Z398zig0.013"39 mm1
CP8Z458zig0.013"45 mm1
CP8Z508zig0.013"50 mm1
CP8Z558zig0.013"55 mm1
CP8Z608zig0.013"60 mm1
CVRDCP10Z3910zig0.013"39 mm1
CVRDCP10Z4510zig0.013"45 mm1
CVRDCP10Z5010zig0.013"50 mm1
CVRDCP10Z5510zig0.013"55 mm1
CVRDCP10Z6010zig0.013"60 mm1
CVRDCP8Z168zig0.013"16 mm1
CVRDCP8Z228zig0.013"22 mm1
CVRDCP8Z288zig0.013"28 mm1
CVRDCP8Z348zig0.013"34 mm1
CVRDCP8Z398zig0.013"39 mm1
CVRDCP8Z458zig0.013"45 mm1
CVRDCP8Z508zig0.013"50 mm1
CVRDCP8Z558zig0.013"55 mm1
CVRDCP8Z608zig0.013"60 mm1